FOOTBALL and CHINA, represent two exceptional attractions for all commercial and financial industries.

In China the demand of services and info about football is very high. On the other hand, the actions of the Chinese financial system on the world industry have attracted the interest in football world. At present, demand exceeds supply and, in general, executive strategies are needed to start a real progress along with technical expertise to sustain its growth.

Therefore, there was an evident need to identify a location where to match the exceptional demand with a competent and qualified supply. 

China World Football Expo Beijing is the gateway for Western football operators and a place where Chinese political and technical systems -both private and public- can gather first-hand information on how football works at the same time.

Chinese President Xi Jin Ping has recently pushed for the promotion of football throughout the country.

Following his influential advice, football is officially seen as an instrument to improve people’s fitness, to involve a generation of children in a team sport and, most importantly, to develop a massive industry.

The football spread in China can lead to an increase of Chinese GDP of 3 points through job creation. After President's act, immediate reflections to identify the correct executive strategies have started at different levels. Various attempts to replicate models of international business in China produced poor outcomes, mainly for the lack of specific organizational expertise and audience. 

Therefore, the massive Chinese market, is almost unexplored. 

This situation is rapidly improving, but at the same time the lack of experience, the cultural differences, the economic and politic system, the country size, the complexity of relations and of communication, still make this opportunity difficult to be seized by Western companies. 

We are talking about a country with a population of 1 billion and 400 millionand huge economic resources, where a notable speed of action is looking for a way to develop this field.

Chinese market can be an extraordinary opportunity for:

-international football clubs and players,  to enter the Chinese market, captivating new supporters or young clubs;

-football industry and all related activities, to consider new business opportunities in a massive marketplace;

-big sponsors, to take the opportunities of investment and profit in such a sizable market;

-public Administrations of participating countries, to share technologies, products and knowledge, strengthening national brands and opening new commercial lines.


There are several areas where international traders can develop:

-Technical and professional education: from the creation of football academies to the vocational training of football experts (managers, fitness coaches, sports doctors, journalists, up to camera operators)

-State-of-the-art technological applications,  to optimize players’ trainings and performances (rehabilitation, workout, preventive tools, electronic metering, videogames, simulators, and even certification of facilities etc.);

-Industry system, from sports facilities (stadia, artificial turf etc.), to sports equipment (balls, cones, etc.), sportswear and accessories, medical and food products (integrators, energy bars and drinks, vitamins, massages, physiotherapy, medical equipment for post-match recovery, etc.);

-Merchandising and image rights, with partnerships aimed at the production of dedicated sportswear, perfumery and gadgets brands. Then, there are opportunities related to the TV industry, such as production, advertising and much more;

-Financial and legal sector  to manage the acquisition of football clubs, their financial activities, and all legal aspects related to players’ transfers.